How Black Panther changed Hollywood culture

Gina Prince-Bythewood the director of Netflix's The Old Guard talks about the Marvel movie Black panther.

This weekend it was released in Netflix The old guard (The Old Guard), a film that is based on a comic of the same name by Greg Rucka. Your director Gina Prince-Bythewood commented on how it has influenced Black panther (2018) in Hollywood.

When asked if it was frustrating for Hollywood to accept what she wants to do, she replied:

"Yes absolutely. I feel like I've been in a fight for 20 years. Just struggling to tell the stories I want to tell and fighting for my vision when I get a chance. But since I grew up as an athlete, I'm ready for the fight. My hope is that it is not always a fight. I have to say that my next two projects that I have focus on black women and they are both great projects, and they weren't a fight for the first time in my career. ”

"Now, I can focus 100 percent on creativity, and I'm excited about that. That doesn't mean that once you're there, some fear won't come back. That could absolutely happen. Will there be points where I have to fight for my vision? Absolutely. But the fact that I can do these two things and that they have been accepted is a beautiful thing. ”

"But being able to do these two projects was thanks to Black Panther. Black Panther changed the culture, one hundred percent. "

They also asked him why he likes to make comic adaptations.

"I love these movies. I love the greatness that they have. I love the aspect of good against evil, and good wins. I love how they have gotten more complicated, in the last two years, like Logan and Black Panther, where you have all the presumption of a great show, and yet I cried seeing both. They went there with those characters. And I love that the new directors have been given this opportunity to bring their aesthetic to the genre. I felt like I needed that shake. That shake was missing. It's an exciting thing to watch, as a member of the audience. But then there's that thing, I want to do something similar. I want to play and create heroes that the world can be inspired by, that we don't usually see. It was exciting for me and I didn't want it to remain just a dream. I wanted to actively pursue it and have the opportunity. ”

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