How does Funko pop fashion start?

Funko, one of the most important toy companies in the world, has a star product in the industry, the funko pop dolls. These items have gone from being simple "toys" to becoming coveted collectibles. And it is that, according to the motto of the company "everyone is a fan of something."

The Funko catalog

A wide variety of characters is the main characteristic of Funko's success, thanks to the multiple agreements signed with various entertainment companies, such as film and television producers.

With just ten years of life, the Funko Pop! they are already part of popular culture. In Spain, there is a collector with more than 500 figures and another with more than 700.

“There are currently more than a dozen types of Funko Pop! in the market. In its extensive catalog we can find figures that glow in the dark, with glitter, plush and even translucent. Although the size can vary depending on the character in question, the Funko Pop! Regular ones are usually between 9 and 10 cm tall. However, there are special models —The Big Size— that reach 15 and 25 cm in height. At the other extreme are the Funko keychains and the Pocket line, which range between 4 and 5 cm high ”, says Diego Sánchez, a fan of collectible toys and editor at Reviewbox.

But how did Funko Pop come about?

The Funko company was born out of its founder's love for retro toys. In 1998, Mike becker He had the illusion of representing an object in a fun way and, together with two other friends, they went to work. The whole team had a penchant for retro and wanted to have their own business, which they started with the artists. Rob Schwartz and Sean Wilkinson. Together they created their first figures at their home in Snohomish, Washington.

In its beginnings the design was completely different from the current one; However, it had one thing in common: the big head character. At first the company was not successful, until a time later Mike visited the Sparky's store at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and gave the owner a box of Funko Pop for sale, mentioning that he had nothing to lose. . The next day he received the news that the dolls were already exhausted.

Then the company started to get licenses. Its doll inventory began to grow alongside original creations such as Freddy funko. Some time later the success of Pop arrived! Austin Powers earned international recognition. The creator of Funko refused to license elite baseball athletes to focus on fictional figures.

The company continued to grow. However, the stress led Mike Becker to sell Funko to his friend Brian Mariotti in 2005, the current head of toy design. | Movies, comics and series