How old was Odin in Thor: Ragnarok?

Asgardians are a very long-lived race from the Marvel Universe, but… How old was Odin in Thor: Ragnarok when he died?

Attention SPOILERS. Thor and Loki's father, Odin, passed away during the first act of the film Thor: Ragnarok. This caused Hela to return and Surtur to bring about the destruction of Asgard. Fortunately, some of its inhabitants were able to escape and eventually settled on Earth.

Odin (Anthony Hopkins), King of Asgard, was introduced in 2011 with his children, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and his wife Frigga (Rene Russo). Spectators witnessed his power and control over Asgard and his family. Especially when he banished his heir to Earth, to teach him a lesson in humility.

The Father of All returned in Thor: The Dark World (2013), considered by many to be the baddest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and where he was tricked by Loki and banished to New York City in order to impersonate him and (eventually) rule Asgard. Odin's final appearance was in Thor: Ragnarok (2017), the film took viewers (in addition to Thor and Loki) to Norway, where The Father of All he had spent his last days. He passed away with his children by his side, but not before revealing that his eldest daughter Hela would be released after his death.

But ... how old is he?

Odin He had a very long life, fought many battles, created quite a few enemies, and made many mistakes. Unlike other MCU characters, there is no exact birth date for Thor's father. But there are some details and clues that can give a rough idea of ​​how old he was when he died in Thor: Ragnarok. First, longevity is among the many superhuman attributes that Asgardians possess, and they age at a much slower rate than humans. That is why, even though he was already thousands of years old at the time of the Thor events, Odin was still in good health.

He was the son of Bor, who died in battle while keeping the Nine Realms safe, so he inherited the throne from Asgard. Odin then fought and defeated Surtur and took the Eternal Flame to hold it in his vault to prevent Ragnarok from occurring. Thor refers to that at the beginning of Ragnarok, saying that he thought his father killed Surtur "like half a million years ago", mocking his old age.

Nordic civilizations considered them gods.

In Thor: The Dark World, Odin makes it clear that "they are born, they live, they die, just like humans". To which Loki responds that "more or less, 5000 years." So keeping this in mind, The Father of All He was at least 5,000 years old when he died in Thor: Ragnarok. Although when I entered the "Odin's dream", a deep sleep state where he recharged his magical strength, many fans have wondered if that might have helped him live longer than the average Asgardian, while others believe Thor was serious when he said his father defeated Surtur half a million ago. of years.

Some have pointed out that Bor was in charge "at the dawn of time." Furthermore, for Hela to be completely erased from history to the point that there was no one to remember her, she must have survived generations of Asgardians. So Odin should be 5,000 to 10,000 years old when he died. | Movies, comics and series