How Star Wars influenced Marvel movies

Joe Russo and Anthony Russo have a lot of respect for Star Wars movies. And they revealed how it was that this famous saga influenced their Marvel tapes.

In past decades, Star wars shook a whole generation of children and adults with the adventures of Luke Skywalker and company. Currently, the films of Marvel they are on the same path and they hold a very special place for millions of people who grew up alongside Iron Man Captain America and the others Avengers. For this reason, the directors Joe and Anthony Russo they owe a lot to the saga created by George Lucas.

In 2017, when the last two installments of The Avengers were in development, the filmmakers stated that they aspired to make Thanos the Darth Vader of this generation; that is, in a villain that would remain engraved in the memory of the public in a similar way to what the evil character created by George Lucas for Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope achieved. But that's not the only way Star Wars influenced Marvel movies.

A major influence

Joe Russo noted that Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back had a lasting impact on both of them when they were children, and that feeling of wonder is what they wanted to replicate with their tapes in Marvel studios, specifically with Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and the influence of Star Wars episode V is notorious in the dark ending of the third installment of The Avengers.

“Because Star Wars was so important to us when we grew up, we had to do our Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in Infinity War and Endgame. That was really our expression of what those commercial movies meant to us when we were kids and what we drew from them, the patterns of narrative structure that were so profound to us. We were able to replicate those patterns in those movies, "he revealed.

On the other hand Anthony Russo, considers that although commercial films (such as Star Wars and Marvel films) are seen as “very unsophisticated”, they still cause surprising sensations in the public for many reasons: “There may be these kinds of crude narrative rhythms that may not sound like in a very subtle or sophisticated way, but there is something in its resonance and there is something in the way the rest of the cinema surrounds that moment and then the music and the iconography and the drama of all this that somehow creates emotion and a kind of excitement, shudder and danger, it's just a reminder to me when you're pointing your finger at something that seems weak (…) that kind of perceived cinematic experience is what we are left with from a movie. ” | Movies, comics and series