How they protect themselves during the filming of Jurassic World 3 from the coronavirus

Jurassic World 3 star Jeff Goldblum reveals how the cast and crew are protected from the coronavirus on the set of the movie

The star of Jurassic World: DominionJeff Goldblum revealed how the film's cast and crew are being shielded from the coronavirus pandemic due to fan concern last week when rumors emerged that the film's production had been closed due to someone involved. in the production it was positive for COVID-19. Although Universal quickly issued a press release to clarify that filming was continuing and assured fans that they were doing everything in their power to keep the cast and crew safe. Goldblum's comments to Entertainment Tonight echo these statements and show people how rigorous the operation is now that everyone is trying to film in a world with coronavirus.

"We are headed, in about a week and a half, all of us, to England, where there are many protocols," Goldblum explained. "We are going to be very safe, I think. And we're going to shoot Jurassic World… They gave us 109 pages. They invested all their heart and soul, and lots of money, to make sure we are safe. I will not bore you with the details, but we will all be quarantined in a kind of bubble, the entire team and the entire cast. And the tests and everything ... We know it is a risky moment, but we feel it is a good one. Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are there; Colin Trevorrow is directing, and there will be some dinosaurs. "

Universal's statement said: “Any report that indicates that Jurassic World: Dominion has stopped production is categorically false. Production is heading into its fifth day of shooting tomorrow, and we are thrilled to be back in front of the camera on this amazing project. ”

"For many of us, Dominion was already the biggest creative challenge of our lives, before closing," Trevorrow previously told Empire. “The filming schedule really worked for us: the first four weeks we filmed were mainly sequences with dinosaurs in them. So that allowed us to get a head start on VFX and do some of the newer stuff without the pressure of an impending deadline. ”

"I am sure our guidelines will keep us safe," Trevorrow said, referring to the new protocols. “The difficult part will be building a creative environment within all precautions. Once the cameras roll, we have to forget our world and live in the world of the movie. That may take some practice. " | Movies, comics and series