Hugh Jackman celebrates X-Men's 20th anniversary

And the X-Men fans were celebrating. Of course, Hugh Jackman also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the mutant saga.

Two decades ago, the first film adaptation of X-Men was released, a date that has not gone unnoticed by Hugh Jackman, actor who gave birth to Wolverine in the famous saga and who has now wanted to share a video behind the scenes, in which he can be seen joking and having a great time in his role as a mutant.

“The thing is, when the studio called and asked if I could get in shape in three weeks to play Wolverine, it may be that he came up with my promise, but wouldn't you have done it too? Happy 20th Anniversary X-Men, "said Hugh Jackman, who had also recalled a nostalgic scene from Logan. This message, released in a tweet through the actor's official account, accompanies a video in which he can be seen being defeated by a Wolverine doll and jokingly commenting that "it is fast" and "too good" for him. .

20 years of mutant cinema

When the superheroes had not yet conquered the big screen, mutants led by Charles Xavier by Patrick Stewart landed in theaters with Bryan Singer. Thus, that first film with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, James Marsden in the shoes of Cyclops, Halle Berry as Storm, Famke Janssen as Jean Gray and Anna Paquin playing Pícara, marked a revolution for comedy adaptations, marking a before and after for these kinds of movies.

That is why fans of this universe joined Hugh Jackman in the celebration through social networks, sharing how they lived that little revolution that, along with other proposals such as Spider-Man by Sam Raimi, has led us to a plagued billboard of superheroic proposals. | Movies, comics and series