Hugh Jackman nostalgically recalled Logan's final scene

Recently, Hugh Jackman was part of an interview where he recalled his time in the world of superheroes. It was so that he remembered with great nostalgia the movie Logan and its final scene.

In a new edition of Variety's Actor on Actors, Anne Hathaway and Hugh jackman gathered to commemorate his time in movies based on comics and superheroes. In this way, during the interview for said magazine, the actress directed a question towards the Australian who made him relive the heartbreaking final scene of Logan(2017).

Hugh jackman he told his partner in The Miserables that during the writing of the script of LoganHe already knew that it would be his last appearance as the mutant, a situation that made him become extremely involved in the project. Similarly, he revealed that the scene where he sacrifices himself for his adoptive daughter Laura (Dafne Keen) was filmed ahead of schedule.

“There were a lot of mixed feelings at the end, because I had played it for a long time. I knew it was going to be my last (movie) before we wrote it. I made that decision. There was a load of expectations. I was super involved. I felt very involved. I was working with a director I had worked with three times before, which I implicitly trust, Jim Mangold. I remember when we did that scene, we were shooting at high altitude, and there were thunderstorms everywhere, and we had to stop. He just said, ‘We can't do this great scene. But we are going to do the death scene. ’ I said: ‘Seriously… now?’ He said: ‘It's just you and Dafne; and if you could just do it. ’ And I said, "Okay." He knew it was the best for me, ”he said.

The anecdote continued to applaud the work of the young actress, who at the time was only 11 years old. He even recalled when Mangold suggested that he enjoy the moment and not rush to finish the sequence.

"We got there and we're shooting the scene. Dafne Keen was 11, she was fantastic. I remember Daphne completing the scene in just two takes, but Mangold said: ‘We are going to have more options. Let's do another one. ’ And I said: seguro sure? I believe that…'. And he replied: ‘Hey, let's stop time. Let's not worry about everything. This is the end after 19 years. Savor it for half an hour‘. He turned on the cameras, allowing me, not just as an actor, but as Hugh, to remember that moment. It was a moment I will never forget, ”said Hugh Jackman.

A successful closure

Mangold's film managed to position itself at the worldwide box office with little more than $ 600 MDD It also made history by becoming the first R-rated superhero movie to be nominated for an Oscar in the Best Adapted Screenplay.

In the framework of the promotion of Bad Education (2020), Hugh jackman He confessed to Daily Beast that he will not be playing him again, but he was delighted by whoever his successor might be: “I knew it was the right time to leave the party, not only for me, but also for the character. Someone else will get the role and work with it. He's too good a character not to. ".

For now, the X-Men will return in the form of The New Mutants, whose premiere is scheduled for the August 28, 2020. | Movies, comics and series