Hulk is strong enough to wear TWO Gauntlets of Infinity

Hulk burned his arm in Avengers: Endgame with the infinity gauntlet made by Tony Stark to hold all the gems but in the comics he was strong enough to use TWO at the same time!

Among the many scenes of Avengers: Endgame, The moment Dr. Bruce Banner (aka Smart Hulk) puts on the new Gauntlet of Infinity and returns the population of the universe to one of the most powerful. The act roasted Banner's entire right arm and left him with possible paralysis. However, in the comics, the Hulk had a very different reaction when wearing the infinity gauntlet.

Or rather, two Infinity Gauntlets. In Marvel Comics Ultimate Universe, it turns out the baddies created a pair of gauntlets with eight Infinity Stones. And the Hulk was powerful enough to use them at once and beat his former teammates nonsense!

To clarify: The Hulk in this universe is not the same Bruce Banner that people know from the UCM movies or the comic book universe. This Banner is a self-pitying scientist who tried to recreate Captain America's Super Soldier Serum and instead found a way to transform into the Hulk. To make matters worse, the Hulk Banner has become a homicidal maniac who glories in killing people!

Banner revealed this when he intentionally transformed into a new gray version of the Hulk and killed thousands of people in a few minutes. The version of his Avengers universe (called The Ultimates) managed to stop him, but Banner's reign of terror as the Hulk was far from over. Although condemned to death, Banner survived his execution and spent the following months learning to control his transformations to the point where the Hulk / Banner did not have a divided personality, but simply became a more violent version of himself.

While this version of the Hulk actually worked with the Ultimates (albeit reluctantly), he was eventually caught and jailed once again. Released once again, this time by a female version of time-traveling villain Kang, Banner had access to the Gauntlets of Infinity. Although the gauntlets did not yet have all of the gems, the power they contained was still immense and capable of deforming the very laws of physics. Not that any of that mattered to the Hulk. After putting them on, he discovered they gave him a power boost and immediately chased the Ultimates, taking on Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and a few more heroes at once. The Hulk didn't even try to use the powers of the Gauntlets at first, he was only interested in beating up the Ultimates for all the times they used it and then locked him in jail.

hulk gauntlets of infinity

Eventually, he began to use some of his new powers by projecting an illusion to make it appear that the Ultimates had defeated him, only to reappear and duplicate multiple times. At that time, the Hulk's benefactors, Kang, and an evil version of Reed Richards called The Maker, appeared and confessed that the Hulk's attack was just a way to buy more time to put their own plan into action. Taking one of the gauntlets, Reed tortured the Ultimates but let them live to see how he planned to "save the world" by conquering it.

Banner continued to assist Reed, both in the lab and on the battlefield as he confronted Thor. Although he did not continue to use the gauntlets, he also did not appear to suffer any negative effects from wearing them, showing how differently Gauntlets work in different comic book universes compared to UCM movies. It's a dark story, but one that shows just how crazy a psychotic Hulk can be when given maximum power. | Movies, comics and series