Impressive physical change of Jared Leto preparing Tron 3

Actor Jared Leto started his prep in the gym for the movie Tron 3 and he already looks excited and ready to roll.

After years of rumors, Tron 3 was announced last August with Garth davis (María Magdalena, Lion) as director. While the full title of the film has yet to be revealed, a previous Instagram post by Jared Leto hinted that it would be titled Tron: Ares. The actor quickly deleted that text from his post moments after uploading it online.

Now Jared Leto shared a photo of his exercise routine on Instagram, captioning it: "Starting Tron 3 training… will you join me?"

What will the movie be about?

For now there are few details about the new film that Jared Leto will star in, but it will follow the events that we have seen in the previous two parts of the legendary franchise.

The first installment of the saga premiered in 1982 and stars Jeff Bridges as computer programmer Kevin Flynn, who is trapped in a virtual world known as the Grid. Once there, you must figure out how to escape as you fight to free local programs from the dictatorship of the Master Control Program (MCP).

The sequel titled Tron: Legacy, debuted in 2010. The film follows Flynn's adult son Sam (Garrett hedlund), as he enters the Grid to find his long-lost father. On that occasion the director was Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion, Top Gun: Maverick). Although it had spectacular special effects, it only grossed $ 400 million worldwide. That is why it has cost so much to decide on a third installment.

So Tron 3 should continue with the events of Legacy, where it is possible that the inhabitants of the virtual world come to Earth and that could provoke a war against humans. Hopefully soon Jared Leto Give us more information about the film and let us know when it will be released. | Cinema, comics and series