In Love With Al: Four Romantic And Unusual Movie Stories

Romantic movies encompass one of moviegoers' favorite genres, many of them with unusual stories, impossible loves, happy endings, and one of the most popular, but not as new as it sounds: the mix of technology and science fiction with romance. .

Why do filmmakers like to explore romantic relationships?

If we stop to think about it, romantic stories are something that a lot of people can identify with, whether they are in love and in a harmonious relationship at the moment, or if their hearts have just been broken, it may be that have been in love with someone for a long time and do not dare to take the first step, that they have an "impossible" love, or that they are in the friendzone, and many other terms and situations that make up this topic.

With the genre of romantic films you can enthuse a large audience that identifies with them. It is a sure gain, also it does not involve too much elaboration, you can give them a good ending or make the development a love puzzle, without much budget, unless of course it is an extravagant production and / or includes special effects, and still when it is simple and even if it is a "predictable" film, they are usually chosen by millions of viewers to see as a family, as a couple, with friends, in moments of spite or simply sadness, happiness or anger, it is a very flexible genre.

What can take more effort is creating empathy with people, making them feel romantically involved. In itself it is a genre that leads the searches and popularity together with the comedy and action genre.

What happens when the characters fall in love with artificial intelligence?

There are movies in which the main character falls in love with his best friend, the friend's brother, someone with a great age difference, and we have the intriguing Artificial Intelligence. Which has been given so many characteristics and human similarities that our characters have developed feelings to the point of falling in love. Some of the favorite movies that present this situation are:

Her (2013)

A sensitive writer, lonely and discouraged, who is dealing with the process of his divorce. Start interacting with a new voice AI system, capable of reading your emotions and giving correct and non-robotic responses to what you say. Making the protagonist feel understood, secure, satisfied and emotionally stable as he had not felt in a long time, leading him to develop deep feelings for the system.

HER movie

Ex Machina (2014)

It tells the story of Caleb, a programmer tasked with evaluating the latest artificial intelligence that has been inserted into a robot named Ava, and determining whether it has human qualities. The real test for Caleb is whether he can empathize with an artificial entity.


Simone (2002)

After losing his star actress, a film director (Viktor) creates a virtual woman on his computer to replace her. Viktor introduces her to the world as a real person, the public loves her, and he was already finding it very difficult to maintain her, so he decides to discredit her with a tasteless production. To his surprise, he was the discredited one and Simone took all the credit for Viktor's work.

simone al pacino

Blade Runner (1982)

It is about "humans" created with bioengineering, which are not designed to have characteristics such as emotions and feelings but that end up developing personalities. Therefore, these artificial beings end up being autonomous and with free will.blade runner

Is it okay to replace real people with virtual reality?

A somewhat controversial topic, of which the answer could be divided into two large groups, although the opinion about the subject is still very subjective.

The first group would be people who are not at all comfortable with the idea that an artificial being acquires human characteristics, much less feelings. For different reasons, but the simple fact of substituting human warmth with something that falsifies it in such a real way is a resounding "NO" for this group.

On the other hand, there are people who love virtual assistants such as Google, Siri, Cortana, etc., and are excited to think of an artificial intelligence system that fulfills functions as if it were their best friend, with which to share feelings, emotions , in addition to the common search functions, and if it comes with a robotic body even better. To feel accompanied and have a more real "human" experience.

So replacing real people with something virtual is going to depend a lot on the subjective beliefs and desires of each person, and also taking into account in which area they are looking to replace.

How to find your soul mate?

As we have already mentioned in the previous examples, characters like Theodore in the movie Her, who opted for a virtual option to converse because he felt lonely, he wanted to meet someone new, talk and find things in common and feel understood by someone else .

But you do not have to go so far as to speak with an operating system that fulfills these functions, if the limitations really are time, money, or shyness to meet someone in person, there are websites to meet people, new friends, others for dating, create romantic relationships or just chat in their chats and forums.

The advantage is that they are real people, who are only a few clicks away. One of the easiest ways to connect with someone and share is by connecting to the internet and using a chat to meet people, it is proven to be an infallible method to reduce social pressure, and millions of people daily join this way, knowing their soul mates, making great friendships and realizing they are not alone.

After all, it is not such a crazy idea, but at the moment the way to talk to AI is through virtual assistants (or the most achievable by users), meanwhile you can continue talking with people on the other side of the screen. | Cinema, comics and series

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