Interstellar could have a sequel

Christopher Nolan's spectacular science fiction movie Interstellar could have a sequel in the coming years.

According to the new information, which comes from the same sources that said that The Search 3, Now You See Me 3 and Scream 5 were in the works, long before any of them were announced, it is speculated that a sequel to Interstellar of Christopher Nolan it is in the early stages of development. Also, Warner Bros wants the filmmaker to go back behind the camera. Or at least participate in writing the script.

The plot is said to pick up right where the first movie ended, with Coop from Matthew McConaughey returning to the unknown to meet Brand from Anne Hathaway on the distant but habitable planet where she ended up stranded. Interstellar made just under $ 700 million at the global box office, so you can understand why the studio is interested in the idea, but it remains to be seen whether there is much interest from the public or Nolan himself for a return to the world. from his epic sci-fi epic. Especially when you have the lowest score of Rotten tomatoes in all his filmography. Still, Warner Bros are reportedly excited about the idea and hopefully it will end up materializing at some point.

What is the original movie about?

In 2014 Interstellar was released, a story that transports us to a version of Earth where resources are running out. Humanity must make one last effort to leave one planet and inhabit another. Luckily, a nearby wormhole is discovered that can transport a ship to a place in the Universe where there are some habitable planets. But the protagonist must choose between saving humanity or leaving his family. So set out on the journey into the unknown where time and space merge in the fifth dimension.

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