Iron Man repeats his worst mistake in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Iron Man was shown to be a great hero, but he still made some fatal mistakes.

Attention SPOILERS of the comic Iron Man # 1 by Christopher Cantwell, CAFU, Frank D’Armata and Joe Caramagna. In this history Tony Stark is back with a new series, and it seems like he wants to restart his life.

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Throughout the Iron Man comic we can see that Tony Stark's actions were followed by social media trolls who insulted and dismissed everything he did. In the end, even when he saved a dangerous situation once again, people insulted and mocked him. This caused him to finally delete his personal social media account.

The biggest problem was that nobody seemed to believe that Tony Stark was serious about the change. At the end of Iron Man 2020, Stark quit his own company, but everyone pointed out that it only made him richer. He saved the world from Terrax, former herald of Galactus, but people only seemed to care about satellite that he destroyed. He was mocked for moving to the Lower East Side and buying a classic car. The Wasp even left him. But there was also a moment in this issue that recalled one of his worst moments in the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Tony Stark repeats his mistakes.

In Iron Man 3 (2013)Tony was at a party and a man approached him because he wanted to talk to him about a project he was working on. This man was Aldrich Killian. Stark promised him a reunion that never happened, leaving him alone and humiliated. That was a mistake because Killian's ideas continued to develop, and he ended up as the main villain of the film. In other words, Stark's arrogance made Killian a dangerous adversary.

In the Iron Man # 1 comic, Stark was at a party, this time at his own home. She didn't care about anyone there until she met her old friend Patsy Walker (Hellcat - Infernal Cat). The two were about to walk away when Fuller Teilhard approached him and told him that he had something to offer the world that no one else had. Stark listened for a moment, while Teilhard said that he could capture lightning and store it indefinitely to use it later as waste-free energy. Stark simply said that the lightning bolt is cool and then left, with Teilhard telling Tony that he could call him later.

Stark dismissed the man without concern and left. After Iron Man and Hellcat defeated the villain, The Unicorn, lightning struck Stark. He and Hellcat were curious about the lightning bolt, but Fuller Teilhard was later shown looking out of his apartment window with the quote "God is a verb", attributed to Buckminster Fuller. If Teilhard had ideas to help the world, it seems that Iron Man ignoring him could lead the new scientist down a dark path, similar to Killian before him. If that happens, Tony Stark just created another villain due to his arrogance. | Cinema, comics and series