Is it safe to go to the movies? My personal experience

¿Es seguro ir al cine? Mi experiencia personal

After many months, I have been able to go back to the cinema and have done a double session watching first The New Mutants and then Tenet by Christopher Nolan.

Many ask me how was the experience of going back to the cinema and if it is safe or not. So I explain the day I lived August 26, 2020 for people to make their own decisions. It had been so long since I had gone to the movies that I hardly remember what movie it was. Thinking a bit I think it was Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey which premiered in February. So I decided to do a double shoot with the movies Tenet and The New Mutants, so I went to a very important chain of cinemas. I will not say the name so that people do not think that I advertise them or that they pay us to write about them. But it must be recognized that they had everything quite well controlled.

The facilities were very clean, although a bit dark, it is clear that you have to save on light. The entrance had been delimited so that many people did not accumulate and the employees at all times knew what they were doing and the protocols to follow. There were also several points with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. But perhaps it would have been better if just when you are going to deliver your movie ticket it was mandatory that you clean your hands with the gel, something they do in many shops.

What happens inside the rooms when you are already in your seat?

Once you enter the movie theater you realize that they have had time to clean them thoroughly because they looked brand new. They limit the capacity so much that they do not let people sit close. We had no one in front, or behind, or to the sides. So it is recommended that if you want to go to the cinema you buy tickets in advance, because there may not be room for many people. The issue of air conditioning and ventilation is not exactly how they have solved it, but hopefully they have also taken the right measures.

Before the movie started, they put on an informational video that gives fairly simple but logical instructions. Proving that they have everything quite controlled and at least appear to care about the viewers. When the film ends, an employee in the room shows you the exit and makes sure that people do not crowd at the door.

To the question of whether it is safe to go to the movies these days when there is so much talk about the pandemic and outbreaks, the answer to that question is quite complicated. Really, only each person can determine if they want to go to the cinema or not, but my experience tells me that at least the company in this case, does everything possible to make everything as clean and safe as possible.

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