It is speculated that Tenet will delay its premiere indefinitely.

With the current pandemic, Tenet may have no alternative but to delay its release indefinitely. In this way, Christopher Nolan fans will have to wait much longer.

It was news that was feared, but it is still tremendously painful for fans. Warner Bros has decided to delay Christopher Nolan's Tenet, whose last release date (after several changes) was August 12. Apparently, the distributor was deciding to postpone his arrival in theaters.

Of course, international markets have a silver lining. As explained by Toby Emmerich, Warner's boss, they are not going to treat the premiere of Tenet "as a traditional global launch of day and date", which could mean that they could end up premiering in other countries sooner than in the United States, despite that Warner and Nolan had ruled out that possibility. However, the uncontrolled situation of COVID-19 in the United States and the reopening of cinemas in countries like ours, or China, which has already started to open its theaters again, could force Warner to reconsider. Emmerich says the new release date will be announced "imminently."

However, a new Comic Book article assures that new dates are being considered for Tenet, which could be August 26 for international countries and September 7 for the United States. Although this last date falls together on Labor Day, so it could also be released on September 5.

It is not the only bad news that the study has for today. As had also been rumored, 'Warren Record: Demon-Forced' has also postponed its release this fall to June 3, 2021. The reason would be that they still have reshoots to do that they failed to perform in April because of the pandemic.

Ula Mulan ’, it's your turn

Of course, in addition to Tenet; There are other production companies ready to delay releases and others that follow the established date to the letter. For now, Warner Bros. 'next big release will be' Wonder Woman 1984 'set for October 2. Now it's Disney's turn. ‘Mulan’ still holds on August 21, but if ‘Tenet’ has moved, it's a matter of time.

Apparently, Christopher Nolan's film does not have it easy. In China they consider that its duration is very long for others. | Movies, comics and series