It was not very difficult to overcome the above

Mortal Kombat has already been released internationally and the film had a not very difficult mission: to overcome previous editions on the big screen. The tape fulfilled the obligation.

The most famous fighting tournament in the history of fiction, Mortal Kombat, returned to the big screen after 24 years. The mission of this new installment was not very difficult to complete, as it was to be better than the previous performances.

Mortal Kombat (1995) Y Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) they were a couple of disappointments for fans of the franchise, who did not find much of the tone of video games in the tapes.

A shallow story, too flat characters and empty dialogues, characterized the previous two. In addition, the lack of violence, good combat sequences and the absence of great characters, made what was done was not very memorable.

However, these were some of the points that tried to be corrected in the 2021 presentation, produced by the renowned James wan.

This time, one of the things that seemed to be challenging was introducing a character that doesn't exist on consoles to the film. Cole Young It is who appears as the great protagonist.

Mortal Kombat Review: It wasn't too hard to get over the above
Cole Young, one of the great contributions of the reboot

However, the existence of Young caused in the film the perfect connection between the surreal theme full of magical beings and the human part, even more human than ever, with the character's family being a central axis and creating strong emotions throughout the plot. .

Spoiler alert of the good and the bad

And it is not only the close family nucleus (wife and daughter) of the fighter that is going to surprise, but that he is a descendant of the same Scorpion. This gave the entire Mortal Kombat universe a meaning. A reason to see Sub-Zero as detestable in the past and also today.

But not everything was rosy, as there were some gaps that remained. For example, at what time did the temple monks go Jax, did they save him, did they take him somehow to the other side of the world? Was it with the electrical portals of Raiden? How is the Arcana of Sonya blade appeared so fast?

In addition, for many it will have been unnecessary the death of Kung Lao, but you had to have a share of defeat in the team of good. Or at least it is what Hollywood has taught.

On the other hand, it is still a reality that the design of many characters was not deepened, but since the number of these that were introduced was large, it was logical. Still an attempt was made to give a story to Kabal, for example, that it was not very relevant in the plot.

On the other hand, not everything is difficulty. There were successes, and many. Visual effects and fight scenes are a 10/10. It is positive that blood has been seen in piles, beheadings and dismemberment, but it would not have been Mortal Kombat. Applause.

Finally, and as expected, the fan service abounded in the hour with fifty minutes of development.

Including phrases like "Fatality", "Flawless victory", "Kano Wins", or that the soundtrack, inspired by the original sounds of the game played, caused the greatest sense of fidelity in what was seen on the screen. They were epic moments and it is credited to the film.


The story was simple, but forceful and the mix between Japanese and English in the lines of the script was a point to give a lot of internationalization. Something that made you remember that most of the characters are Asian and that there is a stark contrast with those who are not. Again Cole Young was a perfect mix between both worlds.

Mortal Kombat was better than the previous ones, this was not difficult, but it did. It does make you want to see more movies like that. Although many things will have to be hit to make the fabric that they left uncut when showing some of the Johnny cage in the end. As well as mentioning that Sub-Zero had not yet been totally annihilated.

Without a doubtWarner Bros. Wins! And the box office will confirm it. 7/10 for this reboot.

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