James Bond solves the problem with female characters

Actress Lashana Lynch says the movie No Time to Die solves the James Bond saga's problem with female characters.

If the Coronavirus allows it, the November 12, 2020 the new movie will be released James bond titled No Time to Die. Being the 25th installment of the saga, it will be the final farewell to Daniel Craig of the character. Also in a recent interview the actress Lashana lynch He spoke about joining the iconic franchise and assured that it will bring an updated and feminist approach.

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These are the words of Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel, Brotherhood):

"I think it's the right way that women see themselves and the way they describe themselves to the women I've been in contact with, completely authentic and fully knowing that they are enough." Lashana Lynch explained. “You see the James Bond movie oozing through the characters in this, both female characters that have already existed within the franchise, and new ones like me. You just have this whole sense of empowerment that is really important to feel when we go to work, but it is also important to show the younger generations that are coming. "

"I knew who Nomi would be, because I had direct conversations with Barbara Broccoli and Cary Joji Fukunaga about who they wanted me to be, but also who they wanted me to be." Said Lynch about his character in the new James Bond movie. “And I also spoke with our writers and with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who has done a great job collaborating with us. And what I saw was a woman who had an agency, who was powerful, who was committed, and who believed she was the best in MI6. She is a black woman, she has a vision of the future. She is unique and has many unique selling points that carry her forward in her career. So when I saw it on the page, it was very well written, and I didn't feel like I had to add anything too crazy. I was there to take it, and I did the best I could to fulfill what they had already created.

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James Bond solves the problem with female characters

The film will have very important female characters.

In addition to Nomi de Lynch, No Time to Die will present Paloma de Ana de Armas and will also feature Madeleine's return from Lea Seydoux. Seydoux previously echoed Lynch's sentiment earlier this year, arguing that female characters aren't there just to be pretty girls in distress.

"We are not here to indulge in James Bond's sexuality," Seydoux explained. “What we forget is that James Bond is also a sexual object. It is totally a sexual object. He is one of the few, perhaps one of the only male characters to be sexualized. I think women love to see Bond, not to see his body. Not? Don't you think? "

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