James Bond SPOILER leaked: no time to die

The specifics of the James Bond story: No Time to Die are still a secret, but a plot point has leaked online.

Attention SPOILERS! The official synopsis of James Bond: No Time to Die reveals that the world's most famous secret agent is retired. But an old friend of the CIA contacts him again because a scientist has disappeared. So you will accept the mission and have to prove that you are still the best at your job.

But now very important new details have been leaked, since in James Bond: No Time to Die, the protagonist played by Daniel Craig You will discover that you have a daughter in the movie. Apparently, a scene filmed in Italy last year featured a five-year-old girl named Mathilde, and will in fact be revealed to be the daughter of the super spy.

It is not clear whether Madeleine Swann interpreted by Léa Seydoux is the mother, but since this movie is set five years after the events of SpecterIt is probably a pretty safe assumption.

How will this affect the plot?

We already know that James Bond: No Time to Die It is the last film of Daniel Craig agent 007, but it has also been speculated that it could mean his death or final retirement and another character could take his legacy. So one of the reasons he can drop everything could be his recent discovery of fatherhood. I don't think they'll kill him right after he's found out he's a father. In fact, the person most likely to die is the Léa Seydoux character named Madeleine Swann.

So the good of agent 007 will go from being retired on a paradise beach to a single father with a 5-year-old girl in charge.

We will know the whole truth when it debuts James Bond: No Time to Die on November 12, 2020. Let's hope this movie is the brilliant closure of Daniel Craig's passage through the character.

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