James Bond will return to the screens in October

This year is generating a lot of expectations for lovers of the seventh art, as many important premieres are expected over the next few months. One of the most prominent is No time to die (No Time to Die), which will be the last appearance of Daniel Craig incarnating the legendary James Bond as agent 007 and will be the twenty-fifth installment of the saga.

In fact, practically all the details of No Time to Die are already known, the film directed by a Cary Joji Fukunaga, filmmaker who earned recognition with masterpieces such as True Detective or No Name. In addition, the collaboration of the singer Billie Eilish, who is in charge of interpreting the main theme and has become one of the most listened to artists internationally, has provided even more incentives for the film.

A saga that has connected with millions of viewers

On the one hand, it is worth noting that the main strength of the James Bond films has to do with their ability to connect with millions of viewers throughout the planet, influencing the culture of several generations. In this way, although there is a clear evolution throughout its almost four decades of history, it continues to stand out for its action scenes, its spectacular soundtrack or its settings.

At this point the casinos have played a fundamental role, serving as a link between James Bond and the audience. Thanks to these types of films, the gambling industry has intermingled with other sectors such as cinema, reaching more people and generating a relationship that goes beyond entertainment.

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Daniel Craig will stop playing the mythical 007

No time to die

Finally, it is worth noting that No Time to Die will be the last installment to star Daniel Craig, so many rumors are being generated about the next actor who will play this role. Likewise, there are also several actresses with possibilities, something that would be a coup for a saga that continues to reinvent itself and surprise its fans.

In this way, Craig has become the second actor who has played James Bond the most times with five films, tying with Sean Connery, being surpassed only by Roger Moore. Consequently, he has earned a niche among the most recognized performers in the industry, despite the fact that he has decided to look for new projects that take him away from the media focus that this saga encompasses.

Now, we only have to count the months to go to the premiere of No Time to Die, since on October 8 we will see 007 on the screens again.

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