James Gunn defends changing the race to white characters

The director of Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad, James Gunn, defends that comic book characters can be changed origins and races.

In a comment on a recent post by Instagram, a fan asked James Gunn what did i think about what David Ayer choose Will Smith how Deadshot in Suicide Squad (2016). As the fan said, Deadshot, whose real name is Floyd lawton, is white in the comics and appeared as such in the Arrowverse.

“Once again, that is pretty simple. People are not making movies about unknown superheroes, ”James Gunn replied in the post. “Also, it is inherently discriminatory to think that what makes a character a character is their ethnicity and not their personality. What is it but racism, that David Ayer, for casting Will Smith as Deadshot, and John Watts, for casting Zendaya as Mary Jane, they got a thousand times more shit for those choices than they did for turning Drax and Mantis into aliens in place of humans in Guardians of the Galaxy ”.

According to the director, it is not about the color of a character's skin, but about the attitude and personality associated with the character.

How James Gunn says, the personality of Will Smith as an actor is almost identical to that of Floyd Lawton / Deadshot in the comics.

James Gunn added: “In most cases, these are excellent casting options. Will Smith looks a lot like Floyd in the comics, he's just black. And it's not done for no reason, it's usually done to more effectively reflect our world and cast the best actor for the role, regardless of race. If David Ayer thought Mark Wahlberg would have been a better Deadshot, he probably would have chosen him. "

James Gunn will return to the superhero cinema with Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

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