James Gunn Defends David Ayer's Suicide Squad

Director James Gunn continues to reveal new details about The Suicide Squad and has taken a moment to defend David Ayer's film.

The Suicide Squad opens next summer, but the director James Gunn has already started sharing details of the movie. And as the expectations for your vision of the group of villains They are growing, it is impossible not to compare it with its predecessor. Suicide Squad (2016) was a hit at the box office but failed to fully convince critics and fans of DC. Director David ayer decided to take a step back and not direct the sequel. But despite the criticism of the film, James Gunn hails Ayer's work.

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Empire magazine interviewed James Gunn following a special of The Suicide Squad in which new images of the film were revealed. In the interview Gunn takes a moment to defend the Suicide Squad by David Ayer. Listen, David Ayer got into a lot of trouble for the movie. I know it didn't turn out the way David wanted it to. But he did one thing very, very well. And that's because he chose fantastic actors to work with. And he dealt with these actors to create their characters very deeply and fearlessly. It's something David definitely deserves to be acclaimed for. And it's something that has definitely been included in this movie. "

For his part, David Ayer has been announcing for years that his version of Suicide Squad suffered several cuts that affected the quality of the film. The director affirms that its final version is more similar to the novel by Marv Wolfman and that his cut is practically finished and could be released without problem. But DC seems interested and has turned the page.

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James Gunn Defends David Ayer's Suicide Squad

And although he admires the director's work in the first installment, James Gunn also tried to clarify that The Suicide Squad is not a sequel to David Ayer's movie. But that is not a reboot. His tape brings back to Margot robbie, Viola Davis, Joel kinnaman Y Jai Courtney, to which a large number of actors are added. Gunn claims it is something else. “It's its own thing. It doesn't contradict the facts of the first movie, I think not. Maybe some little things. "

Not many more details of the plot have been revealed, but fans can expect a delivery much wilder. James Gunn recently announced that no character is safe and that DC gave him carte blanche to do whatever he wanted. And the director is not kidding. Advance that there will be many fights between characters that end in deaths. “They are not just going to get into fights and say they are going to kill each other. But they really are going to fight and kill others. You really don't know who is going to live and who is going to die. They gave me the freedom to kill any character. "

The Suicide Squad will hit theaters on August 4, 2021.

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