Jane Foster from Natalie Portman is already canon in the Marvel comics

Gwenpool recognizes Jane Foster's Thor by remembering that she has been played by Natalie Portman in the pages of The Incredible Massacre-Gwen

Natalie Portman will dress as the new Thor in the next movie Thor: Love and Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But before she became worthy in the movies, a very meta character from the Marvel comics recognized Jane Foster's Thor by remembering that Portman played her in the movies.

Jane Foster has been an integral part of Thor's comics ever since she first appeared in Journey into Mystery # 84 in 1962. While she initially served as a love interest for the God of Thunder, the character eventually became a superhero when he took the mantle of Thor in Thor # 1 from Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. The arch featured Jane dying of cancer while becoming worthy. One of Thor's best individual stories, and it will adapt in some way in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie, Thor: Love and Thunder to be directed by Taika Watiti. In that movie, Portman will become the new Thor, and he should thrill at least one comic book character, Gwenpool.

In Christopher Hastings, Gurihru, and Clayton Cowles's 2016 The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Gwenpool, the extremely meta antihero who breaks the fourth wall, is a combination of Deadpool and Gwen Stacy, and is working under MODOK. In one of her missions, Jane Foster / Thor stops her team in her tracks, and Gwenpool is forced to fight the goddess of thunder. After Thor hits his team, Gwenpool tries to get his attention. In a very meta way, Gwenpool asks him “what's his name? She's uh, played by Natalie Portman, uh… ”before yelling“ JANE! ”

Jane Foster from Natalie Portman is already canon in the Marvel comics

Thor immediately hits Gwenpool against a wall and demands that he "speak words." It was then that Gwen Poole tells her that she has a sprained ankle and that she is "a great fan of yours." Like Deadpool, Gwenpool is often well aware that she is in a comic, so saying that Jane is played by Natalie Portman has a lot of character. It's funny to see that just a few years later, the actress would be announced to play Thor at UCM.

The Gwenpool comics are full of quirky commentary and hilarious meta-commentary and unafraid to make references outside of the Marvel Comics pages. In this case, Gwenpool knew that Thor was portrayed by Natalie Portman despite Jane Foster's Thor actually existing in her own universe, which oddly makes Portman's Thor part of the meta-canon in Gwenpool's adventures.

Does Jane Foster know of Natalie Portman's existence in the Marvel Universe?

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