Jared Leto believes the Yesterday Cut will do his Joker justice

Jared Leto, an actor who played the Joker in Suicide Squad, recently admitted that he would love to play that character again. For this reason, it fully supports the Ayer Cut and the campaigns for it to come to light.

In recent weeks, the Cut yesterday It became one of the most talked about topics on social networks. After confirmation of Snyder Cut, director David Yesterday started a campaign to show fans his original version of Suicide Squad. Recently, Jared Leto, actor who played the Joker, was in favor of this idea.

Few days ago, David Yesterday revealed that his version of Suicide Squad was going to be darker and he had a Joker as impressive as the one in Joaquin Phoenix. But the study forced him to change his mind and make many modifications to the story. In this way, the tape ended up being a failure for the critics. But in the last few weeks, the Cut yesterday became a possibility and both fans and Jared Leto they want it to come to light.

The other version of the Joker

On social media, a group of fans are carrying out the campaign #ReleaseTheAyerCut. To everyone's surprise, Jared Leto He showed his support in a rather discreet but forceful way. The actor who played the Joker gave a like to a tweet asking for Yesterday Cut to be released and for Leto to play the character again, thus shutting the haters' mouths.

"I still can't believe that a few hours ago Jared Leto liked one of our campaign's tweets. We are happy that the campaign has brought so many smiles to people's faces ”, they wrote from a page that supports the Yesterday Cut.

If possible, if the Cut yesterday it comes true, we already know that Jared Leto I would agree to re-record some scenes or play the Joker.

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