Jared Leto is under pressure to be the Joker again

After Suicide Squad (2016), we have not seen Jared Leto as the Joker again, but it seems that the actor wants to repeat as the great villain of DC Comics.

The movie of The Flash (2022) will do something unique as it will put multiple versions of Batman together. Because they will Michael Keaton Y Ben affleck, without forgetting that even Christian bale could make his big comeback. But they will also premiere a separate movie with Robert Pattinson of protagonist, that is to say… Total madness! As if all that weren't enough, now Jared Leto wants to return like him Joker.

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After what Joaquin Phoenix triumph at the box office with him Joker, surpassing 1 billion and winning a few awards, he has received a great offer to repeat as the villain of DC Comics that could be around 50 million dollars. Something almost irreplaceable.

Of course, it is also expected that the Joker appear at some point during the trilogy The batman of Matt reeves, and although it remains to be seen who will interpret that version, now the latest reports suggest that Jared Leto he's also pushing hard for a comeback.

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In movies or streaming.

It seems that Jared Leto still want to continue like him Joker of Suicide Squad and now he proposes a solo film or a project HBO Max for his version of the character. You have to remember that it was removed from the movie Birds of prey, although he mentions it a lot. But how they want to exploit the concept of the multiverse means that for now there are many surprises that they are preparing.

But also, it was recently reported that Ben affleck you are ready to continue the solo Batman role and may require Jared Leto to repeat his role as Joker. Since he wants to tell a story prior to the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016). So let's hope they confirm all the plans they have soon.

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