Jared Leto reveals the title of Tron 3 and then deletes the Tweet

Either by mistake or as a publicity move, Jared Leto posted a Tweet with the title of Tron 3 which he later deleted.

Disney has confirmed that they are working on Tron 3, with Garth davis (Lion, Mary Magdalene) as director and Jared Leto (Suicide Squad, Dallas Buyers Club) as protagonist. That is why the actor decided to publish the title of the film, but it seems that this did not make the film studio entirely happy, which wants to keep everything secret and that is why he deleted the Tweet.

According to Jared Leto the film will be titled Tron: Ares, a quite interesting name, since it refers to the Greek God of War. And if we remember the end of Tron: Legacy (2010), the beings of the virtual world were preparing to attack the Earth. Luckily the protagonist managed to close the portal before that happened.

This could be a job title or placeholder, as the movie hasn't officially received the green light yet, so it's obviously too early. But the fact that Jared Leto deleted the Tweet is quite suspicious and if it is the final title it sounds quite spectacular.

Jared Leto reveals the title of Tron 3 and then deletes the Tweet

The actor has good movies to release.

Apart from his signing for Tron 3, Jared Leto has yet to make the movie of Morbius, the living vampire. A Marvel anti-hero, who begins as a renowned doctor, who through an experiment becomes a being thirsty for human blood. The interesting thing about this character is that he is a classic villain from Spider-man, but although we will not see Spider-Man anywhere, supposedly in the film it will have a brief scene Adrian Toomes / The Vulture, played by Michael Keaton being a clear reference to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jared Leto will also premiere The Little Things, a John Lee Hancock film about two policemen trying to capture a serial killer. Denzel Washington and Rami Malek also stand out in the cast.

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