Jason Momoa demands that the Snyder Cut be released

After new rumors that Zack Snyder's Justice League version is very close to seeing the light, Jason Momoa used his social networks to demand that they launch the Snyder Cut.

Given the great possibilities of seeing the Snyder Cut in a short time, Jason Momoa He took social networks to demand the release of the piece with greater force. Let's remember that since yesterday, the rumor began to haunt that Zack Snyder met with DC executives to release their version of League of Justice.

Jason Momoa she joined the DCEU in 2016 when she first played Aquaman in Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice. The image of the actor contributed significantly to a change in the concept of the character, from one day to the next Aquaman became cooler and the number of fans increased. Then the actor returned in League of JusticeAlthough the film was not exactly a blockbuster or critically acclaimed, the performer was well received by viewers.

We all remember that Zack Snyder he had to retire in the last phase of the production of the Justice League due to family problems, a situation that put Joss Whedon in the director's chair, causing major changes to the product that Snyder envisioned at first. The final installment turned out very different from what the first director imagined but a new hope would be about to emerge.

Let it go if or if!

Through their stories on Instagram, Jason Momoa He shared an effusive message for Warner Bros. executives, not mentioning them of course, but it is obvious that the demand goes straight to them. "We are sitting around doing nothing. Hell, release the Snyder Cut, right? Release the damn Snyder Cut. What else are we waiting for? There are some very good things there. I'm just going to leave that there with a little hope. In general, things like this come true, hopefully so. Release the damn Snyder cut, baby! ”Said the actor.

FandomWire reported yesterday afternoon that the Snyder Cut will be released very soon, however, it did not mention a specific date. For now, we will have to wait for what Zack Snyder announces in his next round of questions and answers with fans.

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