Jean-Claude Van Damme to make action comedy with Netflix

The streaming platform Netflix continues to bet heavily on its own content and has signed Jean-Claude Van Damme for a new movie.

The last works of Jean Claude Van Damme have gone unnoticed, but surely his new movie Netflix will be very successful. Titled The Last Mercenary This story has been described as an action comedy.

It seems surprising that Jean Claude Van Damme It has taken so long to make an exclusive movie for a streaming service, since he is used to the vast majority of his production that does not go through theaters. His villain role in The mercenaries 2 2012 marks the only time that something of theirs has had a large big screen premiere in the last 20 years. Not counting his brief voice cameos in Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3, like Master Croc.

The last shoot of The Last Mercenary It also marks his first foray into action comedy territory since he made the series. Jean-Claude Van Johnson, where he played himself. But while he has produced many low-budget stories annually, this new facet of his could see him finding a wider audience than he has in a long time thanks to Netflix's global reach and large number of subscribers. Comedy has never been exactly his thing, of course, but perhaps Jean-Claude Van Damme is looking to celebrate his 40 years in business with a kind of professional reinvention.

This project could return the actor to the highest position on the Hollywood charts.

In the 80s and 90s, there was a group of action actors like Jean Claude Van Damme who were the great superstars of the cinema. Obviously with the passage of time they were replaced by other actors and a different cinema that bets more on special effects.

Still, there is always time for nostalgia and those who grew up watching the movies of Jean Claude Van Damme surely they want it to have the relevance of a few decades ago. | Movies, comics and series