Jim Carrey could star in a Sonic spin-off

Paramount Pictures is considering a Sonic spin-off starring the villainous Doctor Robotnik played by Jim Carrey.

The movie Sonic, which debuted in early 2020, was a tremendous success, grossing about $ 306 million on a budget of $ 85 million. That is why they have confirmed the sequel and now they want to expand that universe with a character who made an impact like him. Doctor Robotnik, who gave life Jim Carrey.

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Directed by Jeff Fowler, the movie of Sonic is about the famous blue hedgehog whose great speed has made him legendary in video games. But in this story we can see that he has to travel to Earth escaping from his world. Once here he is alone and imagines that he is the friend of a sheriff (James Marsden) from a small town. But when it breaks with the electricity grid, it is discovered by the United States government. So sonic (voice Ben Schwartz) asks the humans for help so that Doctor Robotnik (Jim Carrey) don't catch him.

After an epic confrontation, Jim Carrey's Doctor Robotnik ends up trapped on a strange planet with seemingly no chance of getting out. But you have to remember that he is a super genius and that he will surely return for revenge.

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Should the spin-off be a prequel or sequel?

The end of Sonic was quite open, since on one side his good friend Tails (a flying fox) appeared and Jim Carrey's Doctor Robotnik is no longer on Earth. Therefore it might be a good idea for them to make the spin-off as a prequel, that is, to show events prior to the events of the Sonic movie and leave the great return for Sonic 2. So there would be a known villain, at the same time showing new stories and characters.

Do you think Jim Carrey should star in a solo Sonic spin-off or should he just be the villain of the sequel? Leave us your comments below.

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