Joaquin Phoenix to play Napoleon in Ridley Scott's new film

Joaquin Phoenix has been confirmed to star in a new movie. The actor will play Napoleon in the new project directed by Ridley Scott.

After his impeccable and fascinating portrayal of the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix will go on to give life to the Emperor of France. The Best Actor Oscar winner will return to the set, headed by Ridley Scott, in a biopic about Napoleon Bonaparte. This new project will be titled Kitbag, and it takes the filmmaker back to the historical epics that he loves to do so much.

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According to the new information provided by Deadline, Joaquin Phoenix has already signed to give life to Napoleon Bonaparte in Kitbag. This production will be in charge of portraying the origin and rise of the young military man, until he became one of the most legendary European emperors in history. In this way, this new film on the way marks the second collaboration between the two. Let's remember that Phoenix and Ridley Scott already worked together in Gladiator, another historical drama in which the actor played an antagonistic but Roman hierarch.

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A very ambitious project

The details that were revealed about the plot, give us to understand that we will see the rise of the French leader through his turbulent relationship with his wife Josephine. At the moment, it is unknown who will be the actress in charge of interpreting this character. On the other hand, we can also look forward to some of the battles that made the strategist so legendary. And at the same time, a personal look at his relentless ambition and vision for his country.

The truth is that it may take a while before you see Joaquin Phoenix in the shoes of Napoleon. Since Ridley Scott premiered the Raised by Wolves series in September, he will therefore take his time and slowly work on the new. The script will be in charge of David Scapar and yes, everything goes according to plan, the new film could begin shooting in the second half of 2021. | Cinema, comics and series