John Boyega reveals the DC Comics character he wants to play

Actor John Boyega, who has played Finn in the new Star Wars trilogy, wants to make the leap into the DC Comics Universe.

As your work in Star wars has already been left behind, now the actor John boyega You will have to find a new great franchise to continue expanding your filmography. Fans often theorize which type of superhero would be the best for him, be it Marvel or DC Comics. So it was he himself who made it clear which character he would love to try, and he is the antihero of Batman, Red Hood.

It all started when John Boyega got into the middle of a social media debate fans were having about which DC superhero he should play. Given the recent news that a movie by Static Shock is on the way, someone suggested that Boyega should be chosen as Virgil hawkins. However, he correctly pointed out that he is too old for that character.

Someone else responded that he should play John Stewart, aka Green Lantern. However, John Boyega didn't seem very interested in that idea either, eventually revealing his own personal choice by pointing to Red Hood.

Who is Red Hood?

John Boyega as a great lover of comics knows that Red Hood is a rather curious character. Since long ago it was an identity that criminals used to mislead the police. When a man put on the red hood and fell into a vat of acid he became the Joker.

Some time later, the Joker killed Jason Todd who had replaced Dick Grayson as Robin. But Hush (Silence) resurrected Jason Todd in Ra’s Al Ghul's Lazarus Pit, when he came back to life he realized that Batman had not avenged him. So he decided to adopt the identity of Red Hood and kill him along with the Joker, while ending the crime of Gotham violently. Remember that what comes out of Lazaro's well is generally not the same as what went in.

Eventually Red Hood joined the Batfamily and is now just another Gotham hero. So it would be a very interesting story to tell in a movie. Would you like John Boyega to play him? Leave us your comments below. | Cinema, comics and series