John Cena to star in the adaptation of a famous video game from the 90s

Actor John Cena is in the prime of his film career and that's why more and more interesting projects are being offered to him.

For those of a certain age they have surely played Duke nukem original, a very violent sci-fi video game in which you had to kill all kinds of rivals to stop the evil one Dr. Proton who wanted to conquer the world. Released in 1991 by Apogee Software (later 3D Realms), it was a leap in the quality of platform games of that time. Now they want to do their film version and John Cena will be the protagonist. A good choice since it has a certain resemblance to the main character of the video game.

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John Cena will star in the adaptation of a video game from the 90s

Movie studios have long tried to make an adaptation of Duke nukem, since it brings together certain very interesting elements, the first the use of nostalgia, since the young people who enjoyed that story now surely want to go to the cinema to see its adaptation. But it is also a combination of action and science fiction that is sure to attract the new generation of viewers. The actor John Cena Now he is about to take a leap in popularity, since in 2021 he will star Suicide Squad by James Gunn and will also be in Fast and furious 9.

What is Duke Nukem about?

The video game was very popular and that is why 2 years later in 1993 the second installment was released, but it was in 1996 with the arrival of Duke Nukem 3D, which went from being a platform video game to a "shooter", when it became a unprecedented success. Can a movie starring John Cena do the same?

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In the first story, the protagonist had to stop Dr. Proton and travel through Los Angeles, the Moon and even through time. In the second story, the evil Rigelatins conquers Earth and kidnaps Duke Nukem. But he manages to escape and defeat him after massacring his armies. In Duke Nukem 3D it is the aliens who have taken over the planet and only one man can stop them. The saga was considered too violent and macho, but if they want to make a good adaptation, John Cena will have to follow in the footsteps of these three video games. | Cinema, comics and series

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