John Wick 4 will take advantage of discarded scenes from Chapter 3

John Wick 4 is preparing to give it his all when his release date arrives. The director recently revealed that the film will take advantage of discarded scenes from Chapter 3.

Of course, having a strong team and maintaining it throughout an entire series has many advantages, but without a doubt Chad Stahelski, director of all deliveries, just shared one of the best. And it seems that when it comes to posing John Wick 4, they do not waste anything, not even those scenes filmed for a delivery that had to be discarded.

Stahelski tells it in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which he states that John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum ran out of some sequences due to a matter of space, something that he has now decided to solve with the next installment. “There are a couple of action sequences that we had already put together but we didn't find a gap so we discarded them from the movie, and I like to think that 90% of what I left out can be recovered. There is a gap in 'John Wick 4' where you can re-insert yourself. ”

No copy and paste

Given this statement, Stahelski wanted to clarify that these films starring Keanu Reeves are not a copy and paste, and that their main objective is always history: "Obviously, the Wick deliveries are not presented as a formula or anything like that, so it takes us a while to find the theme that we want to cover and how crazy and subversive we want it to show up in history. It has been a process of many comings and goings to find what we want to do in the next film. ”

John Wick 4 was hitting theaters on May 21 of next year, a date that had to be changed as a result of the coronavirus. Now we will have to wait until May 27, 2022 to see how things turned out. | Movies, comics and series