John Wick directors had to fight studio to kill dog

Let neither children nor dogs die! That's one of the golden rules of Hollywood movie studios that John Wick's directors had to break for the first movie.

Attention SPOILERS. The movie of John wick begins when the protagonist's wife, played by Keanu Reeves and she sends him a puppy so that he is not alone. In fact it is the only moment of peace in the entire film. Some time later, gangsters become infatuated with John Wick's car and follow him to his house, knock him unconscious, steal his 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 and worst of all, they kill his puppy named Daisy. Serious mistake.

After that incident a spiral of violence begins that has continued for three films and which will premiere the fourth in 2021. Although John Wick's murder of the dog was in the film from its first draft, the moment grew as those responsible developed the feature film. As the writer tells us Derek KolstadThe scene was so shocking that the studio struggled with how this would tune in with audiences.

In fact, Kolstad says directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch had to fight tooth and nail with the studio to keep the moment in the film.

There was a suggestion from the study to eliminate John Wick's dog death. "I think they wanted to get it right, so the time came when the study said, Let's kill the dog. Let's focus on it as an assassin who just retired. That kind of things".

"But without that John Wick connection to the dog and without that underlying soul and this character's heartbeat, and also the lightness it brings to the character and humor, it was key," Kolstad continues. “At certain times Chad and Dave fought for it, they understood it and they were right. They continued to fight over the way they see certain stories elsewhere. They have done quite well with it. They are very talented".

The studio remained hesitant until it conducted the first public test of the movie John Wick, where the team could see the audience's reaction to the shocking scene. It was then, Kolstad says, that the team and the studio knew they had made the right decision. "But there was this back and forth from all different angles up to the first projection. We were looking at the audience. As soon as the dog died, and seeing his reaction and then seeing the siege at home, we were like, yes, we were fine. ”

“But a lot of times, you go into these movies, after so much behind-the-scenes work, and people take it differently. You have to deal with it. But this was one of those rare situations where we fought for our gut and it turned out to be correct. ”

The fourth installment of John Wick will be released in 2021 if they can start rolling soon after the halt caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic. So there is also a good chance it will be released in 2022. | Movies, comics and series