Johnny Depp has reunited with Marvel for multiple roles

Johnny Depp se ha reunido con Marvel para múltiples roles

Actor Johnny Depp could end up starring in a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Recently, having asked to delay his latest court proceedings to film Fantastic Beasts 3, it appears that Johnny depp he will spend much more time in the courtroom as his complicated legal battles with his ex-wife continue Amber Heard. And although he will no longer interpret Jack sparrow while Disney is planning to make two movies of Pirates of the Caribbean without your participation. According to recent reports, there are many other franchises that you could end up joining. Since he has met with Marvel.

Although the legal issues go on for a long time, it seems that he will not lack work, since his participation as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts saga, is joined by an invitation from his friend Robert Downey Jr. for what Johnny depp have a role in Sherlock Holmes 3.

They want me to be one of the MCU's new villains.

But also a couple of weeks ago the actor Johnny Depp spoke with Marvel with the idea that he would play the villain of Ghost Rider, Bounty Hunter / Lemuel Haskill. And while that is still an option on the table, sources who said Ben Affleck would return in The Flash and Search 3 is in development, and both reports are correct, now claim that Depp is actually discussing multiple characters for him. UCM.

In addition to Bounty Hunter, Johnny Depp's conversations with the studio have reportedly also caused her to talk about Corsair, who leads the Starjammers and is the father of Cyclops and Havok. As well as the villain Korvac, who has been linked as the main villain of the film Captain Marvel 2. While nothing is signed yet, we can confirm that Depp has spoken about each of these roles and the longer the conversations between both parties last, the more likely the actor will join the MCU. | Cinema, comics and series