Johnny Depp talks about Disney's concern for Jack Sparrow

Actor Johnny Depp reveals the concern that Disney executives had with his portrayal of the mythical Jack Sparrow.

The saga of Pirates of the Caribbean would not have been the same without the interpretation of Johnny depp of the intrepid Captain Jack Sparrow. This mix of Errol Flynn, Paul Lynde and with a touch of Keith Richards (guitarist for The Rolling Stones) caused such an impact that they even nominated him for an Oscar for Best Actor. Although that year he won Sean Penn by Mystic River.

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Now Johnny Depp has revealed the complex situation he went through defending his vision of Jack Sparrow.

“They were nervous, they were afraid that no one would understand a word Captain Jack Sparrow was saying. I got calls from them asking, “Are you drunk? You're drunk? What happens to your hands? I wasn't discouraged in the least, that feeds me. I know if they are worried, I do my job. When they asked me to download it, I raised it ”.

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It is clear that the executives of Disney they wanted something more conventional and the actor Johnny depp He gave them something unique, thanks to the fact that he has always liked to give characters an eccentric touch. Whether they are pirates, chocolate factory owners or mad hatters.

Will you repeat the role?

It has been speculating for some time that they will restart Pirates of the Caribbean made by Margot robbie, which means that Johnny depp I would not repeat how Jack sparrow. Especially since the relationship between the actor and the film studio is not the best. In addition, he is now in a complicated phase of his life due to the judicial confrontation with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Even so Johnny depp will resume its cinematographic activity with the new film of Fantastic animals where he plays the villain Gellert grindelwald. Feature film that will theoretically be released in 2021, if the Coronavirus allows it.

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