Josh Trank abandons social media after fighting with everyone

Director Josh Trank responsible for Chronicle, the reboot of The Fantastic Four and Capone, leaves social networks.

Filming The Fantastic Four it was totally chaotic, the studio blamed the director Josh Trank having an erratic and distant attitude, the cast almost came to physical confrontation with him and the end result of that movie was a very costly disaster. After a few years of retirement, the young filmmaker has returned with the movie Capone starring Tom hardy. While promoting it, he talked a lot about adapting the marvel heroes. And above all, he put a lot of emphasis on the pressure that he had since he wanted to hire a Johnny storm black, when the character in the comics had always been white.

People have been making negative comments towards Josh Trank and he has answered almost everything. Obviously this has generated more negativity until the director has chosen to abandon social networks.

He relived the worst moments of the filming of The Fantastic Four.

The idea of Josh Trank Being bullied or experiencing a backlash on social media is not new. Earlier this year, the director revealed that he was actually sleeping with a gun under his pillow due to backlash from the casting of Michael B. Jordan like the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movie. Even before the movie came out, that decision alone sparked a violent backlash and even some death threats against the director, who had been instrumental in choosing the cast.

"I was getting threats on the IMDb forums saying they were going to shoot me," said Josh Trank. "I was so paranoid during that shoot." “If someone had entered my house, they would have ended their fucking life. When you have it in your head that people want to catch you, you think: I'm going to defend myself ”.

Even if Josh Trank It is far from being the first to leave social networks due to user harassment. In 2018. the actress who played Rose in Star Wars: The Last JediKelly Marie Tran removed her social media accounts after enduring harassment and abuse from fans of the series. | Movies, comics and series