Judy (2019), by Rupert Goold – Review

Biopic of
Judy Garland who reveals the consequences of the price of fame in Hollywood.
Stardom is a paradise, but it is almost impossible not to get hurt.

Judy tells the twilight of Judy Garland, successful protagonist of The Wizard of Oz or A star has been born. Prodigious voice, tumultuous life, broken toy, barbiturates, alcohol … The tandem that Hollywood needs to scratch a biographical film of the academy's taste.

The director Rupert Goold has a career formed in British TV. His first film, A true story, although interesting premise turned out to be somewhat failed. It could be said that it raises the level somewhat with Judy, although it has wicker to aspire to greater challenges. Seeing The Hollow Crown Goold performs well as a director in projects of intimate and aseptic cut, and that is precisely the territory where the tape works. As a consultative element of the last days of the actress she manages to shine, but she does not take advantage of all the recesses of Garland's life to weave a common thread where criticism of the world and the representation of the vital collapse coexist without being hindered.

Remarkable work of Renée Zellweger, especially in its most contained version of his melancholy and pain.

Input, Judy It belongs to a genre of movies where I am not too comfortable, biopic. These are usually projects that deal with two problems: the ‘laundering’ of the character despite his more than known vices (see Bohemian Rhapsody) or supersaturation by teaching the protagonist in each and every one of the planes. That last feeling of ‘give me an Oscar, please’ is the one I experience slightly in his viewing.

And that is undoubtedly a remarkable work of Renée Zellweger,
especially in its most contained version of his melancholy and pain. Not so much maybe
in its most expressive part, where the actress sins of excesses and of certain
out of control In any case, without revalidating a total parallelism between
interpreter and interpreter, Zellweger has flirted in some awards ceremony
with establishing a certain rhyme with his career (a star at the beginning of the century)
and true none of the industry in recent years. Reflection that at least
It deserves to be meditated.

An apprenticeship of Judy It is not to lose sight of his criticism of the industry model and the price of accessing it. Sacrifices, none and vulnerabilities. ‘All or nothing‘ seems the way of that golden age. Today we don't know how much current mecca can look like back then, maybe we should wait at biopics from within 30 years.

Synopsis The legend Judy Garland arrives in London to give a series of concerts. Tickets are sold out in a matter of days despite having seen his voice and strength diminished. While Judy prepares to go on stage, the ghosts that tormented her during her youth in Hollywood return to her.
country United Kingdom
Address Rupert Goold
Script Tom edge
Music Gabriel Yared
Photography Ole Bratt Birkeland
Distribution Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Rufus Sewell, Finn Wittrock, Michael Gambon, Bella Ramsey, John Dagleish, Gemma Leah Devereux, Gaia Weiss, Andy Nyman, Fenella Woolgar, Phil Dunster, Julian Ferro, Royce Pierreson, Lucy Russell, Philippe Spall, Kate Margo
Gender Drama
Duration 118 min.
Original title Judy
Premiere 01/31/2020

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