Jurassic World 3: Bryce Dallas Howard showed how he hurts himself recording

Jurassic World 3 recently began filming. In the midst of all the rumors and details that we get to know along the way, Bryce Dallas Howard showed how he hurts himself by doing action scenes.

The filming of Jurassic World 3 no longer stops. After the forced hiatus as a result of the coronavirus, the team in this movie, directed by Colin Trevorrow, is doing its best to catch up, and that doesn't exclude show stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Both protagonists have returned to action reprising their respective roles as Owen and Claire, and they could not be more excited about it, especially the famous actress.

The actress has wanted show his joy at being back tweeting an image with his co-star, dying of laughter. "In the last weeks, my abs have hurt from laughing so much, it's great to go back to work with this funny guy," says the protagonists of Jurassic World 3. So the actor has launched to respond to his partner encouraging her to boast of injuries of war: “Show them the photos of the bruises! (He has a madness of bruises to make his own action scenes) Teach them! ”.

It didn't take long for Bryce Dallas Howard to please Pratt by publishing a second tweet in which she was seen posing with her arms raised smiling: "Hands up if you're happy to do action scenes again !!", says the interpreter.

A shoot that does not stop

Earlier this month, Jurassic World 3 It resumed its activity in the United Kingdom complying with all the security measures required by the government. The studio responsible for the film, Universal Pictures, has invested $ 5 million in making sure that the protocols are strictly followed and everything is going smoothly. But, despite the efforts of the team, it has not been long before rumors have emerged that point to new infections and the upcoming stoppage of filming, something that the film's producer has quickly denied.

Meanwhile, this movie is preparing to give us incredible scenes and the return of the protagonists of Jurassic Park, who will have very important roles in this third film.

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