Jurassic World 3: It has the most "real" dinosaurs in the series

Jurassic World 3 is preparing in a big way. The film will not only feature the return of great figures, but also the dinosaurs will be the "most real" of the entire saga.

During Comic-Con @ Home, Colin Trevorrow very excitedly shared some details from Jurassic World 3. The movie, which has already started shooting and is taking action for the coronavirus, will have a much higher visual level in this new movie. In this way, it will show us animatronic dinosaurs like never before with special effects.

"We have become more practical with each Jurassic film we have made since the first, and we have had more animatronics in this than in the previous two," Trevorrow started. “And what I have realized, especially with the work of the last few months, is that we have finally reached a point where it is possible for digital extensions in animatronics to equalize the texture and level of fidelity that a animatronic to Jurassic World 3. And they didn't used to be able to really mix, you could see the seams before. That part is very exciting for me. ”

Best of all, Trevorrow, who limited himself to executive production in ‘The Fallen Kingdom,’ wanted to emphasize that the technical point reached for Jurassic World 3 is not just his thing. "J.A. Bayonne really did find the courage to create these truly photorealistic, simply gorgeous, lighting references that could be articulated only slightly. Just a head and a jaw that could move, but beautifully painted by hand. Now we do it for all dinosaurs, so when we place them in one space, you can see how their skin reacts to light. And even if they finally turn it into a fully digital animal, there is always something that has reacted to light in that environment. The lifelong puppets are proving to be amazing. "

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