Justice League: Gal Gadot also had trouble with Joss Whedon

After Ray Fisher's statements against Joss Whedon, information came to light that claims that Gal Gadot also had a bad relationship with the director of the Justice League.

From one moment to another, Ray Fisher showed on social networks his contempt for Joss Whedon. The actor who played Cyborg shared a video from a few years ago where he supported the director of League of Justice and only had charming words towards him. But this time around, the actor noted that the director's attitude on set was "gross and unprofessional." To this scandal, now added Gal Gadot.

When Joss Whedon replaced Zack Snyder, many people thought that the director was the one to finish this movie since he had been in charge of The Avengers. But we all know the end: a film that was unsuccessful and was heavily criticized. In this way, to the existing anger of the fans also adds that of the cast itself.

The fury of the actors

According to the journalist Grace Randolph, who leaked Snyder Cut news on Twitter long before they were official, revealed after reading the publication of Ray Fisher, that one of the scenes that bothered the actors, especially Gal Gadot, it was when Flash fell on him wanting to carry out a sexual joke that had no place in the original version of Zack Snyder. According to Randolph, given the actress's refusal to obey Joss Whedon, the decision was made to use a double and for that reason we do not see Gadot's face. And, according to IGN, there are reports that Ezra Miller fIt is digitally inserted.

We recently found out from the producer Jon Berg (designated as Whedon's accomplice) that Ray Fisher He was very angry because he was forced to say the phrase "boo-ya", well known for being emblematic of the character in the animated series of Teen Titans. The actor considered his role as Cyborg to be more than just a stereotype of "cool nigger."

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