Justice League: Ray Fisher (Cyborg) criticized Joss Whedon

Justice League is on everyone's lips. But not because of the Snyder Cut, but because of Ray Fisher's (Cyborg) new statements about director Joss Whedon.

After three years of its theatrical release, League of Justice It still gives a lot to talk about. In addition to the new version that we can see in HBO Max In 2021, new controversies continue to arise around a production that was not excellent for anyone involved. And that seems to include one of its actors, Ray Fisher.

The interpreter who gave life to Cyborg has tweeted a video of the Justice League promotion in which he defended the work of Joss Whedon, who had to join as director of the film after leaving Zack Snyder for a personal tragedy. In the clip, which was recorded at Comic-Con and in which we can also see Jason Momoaa, Ray Fisher said: "Joss is a great guy and I think Zack has chosen a good person to finish what he started "

Now Ray Fisher has shared the video with the following tweet: "I would like to take a moment to strongly retract everything I said in these statements." Without further explanation and without context, the tweet is an enigmatic criticism of Whedon both personally and to his work. Among the responses can be found fans of Zack Snyder supporting the actor and Twitter users who claim that this movement is unprofessional on their part.

Zack Snyder's version

The fans of Zack Snyder who support Ray Fisher, have been fighting on social media for all these years Warner Bros publish the version that the original director had proposed. For a long time, the director hinted that his version was completely different from the one that appeared in the cinema.

Now HBO Max has announced that the "Snyder Cut" will be a reality in 2021. Without recording more scenes but investing millions of dollars in a new post-production process. While we wait for this project to come true, Zack Snyder has already shown a shocking unpublished scene.

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