Justice League: Reveal Why Visual Effects Weren't So Good

With the Snyder Cut running, it was revealed why the Justice League visuals were not as good as expected.

Almost three years have passed since Justice League hit the big screen, and yet the film continues to be a subject of contention. Both critics and the public have agreed that Joss Whedon's version was bad in its history, development, character presentation and also in visual effects. Recently, it was explained why the effects were lousy and not great as fans expected it to be.

Thanks to HBO MAX twisting and releasing the Snyder Cut on its platform, statements have also been opened that have clarified a bit what this new version of the meeting of heroes will look like, along with more grim details of the version we know. When Joss Whedon had the Justice League movie in his hands, he made the decision to re-shoot it, remove characters and stories. And he even had great confrontations with part of the cast. But what happened to the visual effects?

And the reason was ...

As for the visual effects of Justice League, the original cinematographer Fabian Wagner He stated that he cried while watching the movie that was released and was very disappointed that the version he had worked on and everything he had done looked very different. This is now confirmed by himself Zack Snyder, who explained that everything he had shot was intended for an IMAX screen.

"Remember that when shooting with IMAX prospecting, not only does the image resolution change, but also the size. For a normal cinema the panoramic horizontal cut is the most common. This explains why much of the theatrical cut seemed so crowded. Whedon he filmed the reshoots digitally in a widescreen format, which means his shots did not match the rest of the film without cutting back from the original footage of Snyder and Wagner. And to adapt what you already had with what was filmed later, it was not enough just to remove the upper part of the frames, but it required an expansion and modifications that make the combination of the two formats not look aesthetic ”.

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