Justice League: Snyder Cut fans attack Joss Whedon on social media

Finally, after they wanted and asked for it so much, the Snyder Cut will come to light and it will do it through HBO Max. This news gave fans a lot of happiness and also led them to strongly criticize Joss Whedon on social media.

Yesterday the fans of DC Extended Universe celebrated the confirmation of the Snyder Cut, which will be released in 2021 through the streaming platform HBO Max. But in celebration of victory, some fans didn't forget the person they hold responsible for the film's failure. Yes, we mean Joss Whedon.

As the American director was in charge of one of the most successful superhero crossovers in all history, many believed that he was the ideal person to be in charge of a project of Zack Snyder, director who had divided critics and fans with his two films the DC Extended Universe, The Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice.

Unfortunately time showed that it was a big mistake, since the artistic visions of both filmmakers contrast too much and in the end we got something that did not work at all. The difference in styles and how little of Zack Snyder that was left in the film, that almost immediately after the League of Justice of Joss Whedon hitting theaters, fans began demanding on Twitter and other social media the launch of the Snyder Cut.

All against the director

The announcement that we would see the Snyder Cut in 2021 he revealed it Zack Snyder during a live broadcast and soon afterwards HBO Max confirmed it. Those committed to the cause did not take long to launch into social networks to celebrate, but as already said before, many attacked Joss Whedon, whom they blamed for ruining the original work.

"#JusticeLeague finally gets the right treatment as Zack Snyder will redo the movie it was supposed to be. Joss Whedon is a professional populist whose work lacks substance. Yes, I said it. "

Film studio: What can you contribute to the film? #JossWhedon: One of the male leads is going to plant his face on an actress' breasts during an accidental fall and I swear it's fun and looks totally accidental. ”

“#ReleaseTheSnyderCut is a great victory for fans and filmmaker #ZackSnyder. Imagine that your art is destroyed by #JossWhedon and that your name is linked to that disaster? ”.

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