Justice League Snyder Cut: New Superman Post-Resurrection Image Revealed

El Snyder Cut no tendrá ningún rastro de la versión de Joss Whedon

Zack Snyder shares a new trailer for Justice League Snyder Cut, revealing new images of Superman after his resurrection

A sneak peek at Justice League Snyder Cut shows post-resurrection footage of Superman. Earlier this year, it was confirmed that the Snyder Cut would premiere on HBO Max in 2021, marking the final victory for the movement. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Since it became clear that the 2017 Justice League theatrical cut was a far cry from Snyder's original vision, fans campaigned to get the director's cut to the fore and show Warner Bros. that there was a sizeable audience for the project. And with the studio launching the HBO Max streaming service, the Snyder Cut gave them a flagship title to attract subscribers.

Snyder has been gearing up for this weekend's Justice League DC FanDome panel, where the first trailer for the film will premiere. And while there are only a couple of days left until the convention takes place, viewers can now get a small taste of what they can expect to see with a new teaser for the director's cut of 300.

Snyder has taken to Twitter to share the new Justice League TV spot, which reveals new footage from the scene after Superman's resurrection. You can see it below:

In addition to Superman, the other character featured in this trailer is a pre-Cyborg Victor Stone during a soccer game. It is noteworthy that these two scenes stand out in the video, considering how drastically their roles were altered when Joss Whedon took over the new Justice League footage. In Snyder's eyes, the actor who brings Cyborg to life, Ray Fisher, is the heart of the film, and the character who initially had a shocking arc before the movie was changed and Cyborg barely developed. It will be interesting to see Superman and Cyborg in the Snyder Cut. The latter in particular should mark a substantial improvement as audiences will be able to enjoy Victor's backstory and get a more complete picture of who he is. As for Superman, the sheer number of shots involving the infamous CGI-removed mustache suggests that his Justice League story is wildly different in the Snyder Cut.

Another interesting detail of the trailer is that the title is stylized with the Justice League logo and #TheSnyderCut. This is further proof that Warner Bros is going with Snyder Cut as the film's official name. Previously, the Snyder Cut was featured on the DC FanDome calendar. When the project was first announced, it was introduced to the world as Zack Snyder's Justice League, but it seems the creative team has gone in a slightly different direction. Regardless, this title is definitely appropriate, as it clearly communicates that the new Justice League is Snyder's uncompromising vision.

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