Justice League: The Battle Between Ray Fisher and Warner Bros Continues

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Actor Ray Fisher responded to Warner Bros by stating that he did not provide evidence in the Justice League set abuse investigation, posting evidence that he cooperated.

Actor Ray Fisher has responded to Warner Bros stating that he did not provide evidence in the Justice League's on-set abuse investigation, publishing evidence that he cooperated. Fisher's role as Victor Stone / Cyborg in the DC Extended Universe was his first major on-screen role, after small roles on television and a few leads on the stage. Unfortunately for the actor, he has alleged that while new footage was being produced for the Justice League under substitute director Joss Whedon, the director exposed him to “abusive and toxic behavior.”

Ray Fisher made the allegations earlier this year, implicating then-DC Films director John Berg, as well as Geoff Johns, who was DC's creative director at the time and is still heavily involved in the DCEU, co-writing the story. upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. Fisher's allegations led to the establishment of an independent investigation by Warner Bros, although the story has become even more complicated recently. Yesterday, Fisher revealed that current DC Films director Walter Hamada encouraged him to leave Johns out of his allegations, which in turn led Warner Bros to say that Fisher has refused to participate in their investigation and has not provided any credible evidence to support your claim.

Now the story has taken another turn, with Fisher tweeting that he actually met with the researcher via Zoom in August. Fisher's tweet includes a screenshot of an email he sent to his representatives saying that he ended the call before the details could be discussed, as he did not feel the investigator was truly independent. He also explained how he wanted to have a representative on the call with him to make sure his version of events was supported.

You can see the tweet below

The latest reveal complicates things even more, given that now both parties are attacking the other and those who are not involved are forced to choose which version they believe in. While Ray Fisher is within his right to ensure that he is heard fairly, one wonders why, after ending the call with the investigator, he failed to ensure that a new one was established as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is understandable that if it has been burned before, be careful to get into another situation that you might feel uncomfortable with.

Regardless, at this point both parties are starting to look bad. While there's no reason not to believe Fisher, he's clearly starting to get frustrated with the situation, which may hurt his cause later, particularly as he seems determined to deal with things on Twitter rather than directly with WB. However, WB must ensure that Fisher feels that his story will be taken seriously. Hopefully this can be resolved soon, for Fisher's sake, and the actor can enjoy the release of the Justice League Snyder Cut next year without this still hanging out of his head.

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