Justice League: The War Between Ray Fisher and Joss Whedon Continues

Since Ray Fisher criticized Joss Whedon on social networks, the war between the two seems to have no end. The actor revealed that he has been building a case against the director for 2 and a half years.

Ray Fisher is not backing down on his controversial statements less than a month ago. The actor who played Cyborg in the Justice League movie accused Joss Whedon, the acting director once Zack Snyder left the project of having an "abusive" and "disgusting" attitude on the set. And now it seems that this war continues and can even be much more complicated.

Through JusticeCon, a fan convention around Justice League, the actor decided to expand on the subject at hand. According to Variety, Fisher has assured that his comments about Joss Whedon are true and that he has spent two and a half years collecting information to prove it.

The actor's word

"Obviously I said some pretty strong words about Joss Whedon, and each of those words is true. (…) It has taken me two and a half years to get all the information I need to be able to build something that is strong enough so that people cannot deny it, "said Ray Fisher, referring to people who were willing to talk about his experience in filming from the safety of anonymity.

"People are willing. So we are in the process of making sure that they can tell their stories confidentially and without receiving any form of compensation against them. Let's get to the heart of the matter. And if I have said something about the guy who is false, I invite him with all my heart to sue me for slander or defamation, "closed the actor.

In his remarks, Ray Fisher said that the film's and Warner Bros. executive producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg allowed Whedon's behavior, to which Berg replied that it was "categorically false." "The man is scared. And it should be, because we are going to get to the bottom of everything, ”said Fisher on Berg's denial.

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