Justice League: Zack Snyder revealed new images

There is very little left until the DC FanDome arrives. To warm up the engines, Zack Snyder revealed new images about Justice League.

Zack Snyder continues with his fans maintaining great enthusiasm about his Justice League montage. Now the director is counting the minutes ahead of the DC FanDome, a virtual convention in which new details are expected from both his film and other DC productions. If a few days ago he advanced us with new images of that version that he is preparing for HBO Max, now it is Cyborg and Wonder Woman's turn.

The highly anticipated Snyder Cut generates expectation with each image it releases because, not only is it a film that both DC fans and its creator have fought for a lot, but it will have nothing to do with the one we saw in the cinema, since as its creator assured, it will not include a single frame of the one directed by Joss Whedon. Zack Snyder will bring a preview of Justice League to his DC FanDome panel next Saturday, August 22, before which he wanted to share the new photos.

The one starring Ray Fisher as Cyborg is of particular interest because it makes a nod to a part of the plot that is going to change a lot compared to what we saw on the big screen. And it is that Snyder wants to delve much more into the origins of this hero that was not shown too much in the film that was released in 2017. Click here to see the image.

Any resemblance is pure coincidence

Zack Snyder has been very firm in marking the distance between his Justice League proposal for HBO Max and Whedon's movie. And as he underlines, that 214-minute project of his around which a format has not been decided at the moment, has absolutely nothing to do with that "Frankenstein" we saw.

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