Keanu Reeves could return as Constantine on HBO Max

Keanu Reeves seems to have no rest. Now new rumors link the actor with Constantine and a possible return from HBO Max.

Keanu Reeves is full on the job. The actor, who has a pending film like John Wick and who will return as Neo in ‘Matrix 4’, could be thinking of recovering another of his characters: John Constantine. The rumors began to circulate on social networks and here we tell you a little more.

The rumor comes from the "scooper" Charles Murphy, and Brandon Katz of the Observer He claims to "have heard" those rumors as well. Of course, this is not a confirmation, but this rumor would have a great link to other news that were provided over the course of the months that has Justice League Dark as the protagonist. And that's why Keanu Reeves and Constantine are at the center of the rumors.

Warner Bros. is said to be considering making a Dark Justice League series for HBO Max and to be accompanied by movies, also for the platform, to introduce the characters. One of Zatanna's had already been mentioned, where we show you what the actress Eiza González would look like in the character, and now the one by Constantine is added, which would be produced by none other than J.J. Abrams. All this plan could end the blockbuster focused on the group of DC characters that Guillermo del Toro already tried to bring to the big screen and that finally came to nothing.

Constantine on the big and small screens

At the moment an official confirmation of any of the parties involved in such a rumor would be missing. Constantine premiered in 2005 with mixed reviews and $ 230 million worldwide. Although it was not enough to give him a sequel, the character returned on television with a series starring Matt Ryan. He only had one season, but the character (and the actor) returned in Legends of Tomorrow.

Last year Keanu Reeves said in an interview that he would be delighted to return: “I have always wanted to play John Constantine again. I love that world, and that character. I had a great time playing the character. " | Movies, comics and series