Keanu Reeves preferred to make John Wick 3 than join the MCU

According to a famous insider, Keanu Reeves was able to participate in a Marvel Studios movie that was released last year but preferred to make John Wick 3.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the highest grossing franchise of all time, but much of its success is owed to the actors who knew how to take charge of the superheroes they play. To continue reaping great success, Marvel Studios opted to hire well-known actors in the film world. The truth is that, for years, the studio has wanted Keanu Reeves to join the work team, but it seems that the actor does not have that much interest or has not yet given the right moment.

A major celebrity recently revealed that Keanu Reeves already had the opportunity to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but was very committed to John Wick 3 and so he turned down the role that was offered to him. According to this source, the character that the actor was going to play was supposedly Yon-Rogg, the villain from the movie Captain Marvel who was played by Jude Law.

Will we ever see it?

The revelation that Keanu Reeves did not participate in Captain Marvel because he was working on the third installment of John Wick, was given by the informant Charles Murphy, of That Hashtag Show, long ago through Twitter.

This information seems to have been confirmed by producer Kevin Feige, who in an interview with Comic Book said that they have spoken with the actor over and over again but the ideal moment has not been given for him to join the franchise: “We spoke with him to almost all the movies we make. We spoke with Keanu Reeves about when, how and if he will ever join the MCU, but we want to find the right way to do it. "

While Marvel Studios works out which superhero or villain Keanu will play, he is working on the fourth installment of The Matrix, directed by Lilly Wachowski, and will soon be making John Wick 4 and John Wick 5, both of which will shoot at the same time. | Cinema, comics and series