Keanu Reeves talked about what it was like to return to filming Matrix 4

Matrix 4 had started filming, but due to the pandemic they had to pause them. After months without work, Keanu Reeves and the team were finally back on the scene.

After months of being sheltered at home due to the coronavirus, Keanu Reeves has already returned to filming Matrix 4. “It's great. It is an honor to work. I'm in Berlin and you can hear the sirens ”, starts this actor who, although he is grateful for the possibility of returning to the charge, cannot help but emphasize what has changed everything as a result of the pandemic.

"The protocols have really been thought out and are effective, so the pace of the movie has not really been disrupted or disrupted," continues Keanu Reeves. "I think everyone loves the project, and if you're ever going to get into some kind of situation that needs to be resolved or you have to consider how to deal with it, the show business workers are the best," added the star. “We are fighters, we know how to do things. We are inventive, and we react very quickly, we team up. This goes back to that “Let's put on a show! We have some accessories, we have some things, let's get down to it! ' That spirit is definitely alive and well in 'The Matrix.'

The Matrix 4 team meets again in a film that has Lana Wachowski as director and screenwriter, the latter work that he does with Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell. For this libretto Keanu Reeves has nothing but compliments since he has assured that “Lana Wachowski has written a good script and a wonderful story that has left its mark on me. Plus working with her again is just amazing. It was really special and the story has, I think, some significant things to say, and from which we can learn.

A very personal story

After both Lilly and Lana publicly identified as transgender women, fans began to interpret the Matrix story differently, with many claiming that it is a metaphor for the transgender experience.

Lilly herself was quick to react to this, ensuring that she was glad that her followers were approaching her like this because "it was the original intention, but the world was not prepared, the corporate world was not prepared for something like that" at the time. | Cinema, comics and series