Kevin Feige clarifies that Shang Chi has not been undervalued

Kevin Feige responds to those who were shocked by Bob Chapek and Simu Liu's comments about Shang-Chi. The manager claims that it was all a misunderstanding.

In the most recent Disney Investor Call, Bob chapek, CEO of the company, referred to the upcoming premiere of Marvel studios, Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings as an "experiment". This expression was taken in many ways. Critics were predisposed, fans were disappointed. However, the study has tried to explain that it was not said in a negative connotation, but it has been difficult to convince the public.

In addition, the same protagonist of the film, Simu liu, reacted to the executive's comment. The actor, to the surprise of many, did not deny the above, but rather reinforced it. The interpreter described the film as an ‘underdog’. This term in English is used to define the candidate of a competition that does not have much chance of winning.

But ... Was this really the essence of both dimensions? It was all a misunderstanding? Almost with a cape, Kevin Feige came to the rescue to clarify what was said. The producer tried to show that neither of them were with the intention of disparaging the film.

Kevin Feige confirms the return of an important being to the MCU

Kevin Feige confirms the return of an important being to the MCU

“(Simu Liu) He is not a shy man. I think in that particular tweet you can see it and I think everyone does, a misunderstanding. It was not the intention. The proof is in the movie and we jump over the fences like we always do. With the amount of creative energy we put in and the budget, there is no expense to spare to bring this origin story to the screen, "he said.

It should be noted that the launch will take place in theaters on September 2, 2021. However, the project will only reach Disney + 45 days later. This is surely what Chapek was referring to when he said what he said.

For its part, this plot is not widely known to fans of the UCMNot even some comic book readers. Perhaps Liu tried to imply this when he made his remarks.

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